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The product key is more important than you think. To put it in simple terms, it is a 25 code character with the help of which Windows is activated. You can check if the Window is used on more than the allowed limit. If you are unable to find it or don’t know what to do when you lose it then don’t worry as we are here. The team at is here to help you out with all your queries.

How Do I Find The Product Key? 

The experts from would like to tell you that Windows 10 activates on its own via digital license. It doesn’t ask you to enter a product key. You can find it in the confirmation email that you get when you purchased Windows or on the box.

If you purchased a retail copy then you can find it in the disc package. It is usually present on the sticker that is located in the case with the CD/DVD. If you can’t find it anywhere then you can call the seller and can ask for a replacement key. You can also ask them to look into the matter and provide you a solution.

Windows 10- Microsoft Office Product Key 

Digital entitlement is a replacement method that you can try to find the authenticity of the OS. However, it is not applicable to all or any Windows 10 system.

Ways To Extract The Microsoft Office Product Key From Windows OS 

Are you not able to find out the key but have the software installed? You can use the Windows key finder that helps in finding a program or a customized software. You’re take a note as this utility will assist you to find the Windows Key in no time. You can use these steps to find it out:

  • Start by downloading the software and then follow the steps shown to install it
  • Open the program by clicking on ‘Start’ and then go to ‘Keyfinder’ then hit ‘enter’
  • The program will take some time to scan what you have installed. It will then find the respective keys including the version of MS office. Upon the completion of the scan, the tool will show a window with entries of the installed versions
  • Click on the entry for the Windows to show the key and other info
  • You will be able to see it under the ‘CD key’ tab
  • Make sure that you take down the exact key number or else it won’t work
  • You should be clear about the ‘product ID’
  • Enter it and wait till it gets activated

What Should I Do If I Damage The Product Key? 

If you have damaged the product key but you have a valid proof of the purchase then don’t worry. Microsoft support can replace it or give you an alternative.

You can get in touch with Microsoft Support for assistance by visiting their official website. You will have to buy a new one if you have lost it.

What To Do If The Product Key Won’t Work? 

If your Office product key doesn’t work or has stopped working then you should contact the seller for a refund. It is quite possible that the product key was stolen or falsely obtain if you purchased it separately.

Unfortunately, there are many deceitful sellers who deal in stolen, abused, or unauthorized Microsoft product keys for sale. These product keys are printed on forged labels or cards with a download link to Microsoft software. Sometimes, they’re circulated with software media that is illegal for resale, such as promotional media or other Microsoft program-specific media.

We hope that we were able to help you with the Microsoft product key. If you get stuck anywhere then do get in touch with the office setup team and we will solve your query right away.

Requirement of Product Key while reinstalling Office 

If you are reinstalling Office then you don’t need a product key. You can just visit the Microsoft account and visit the services and subscription page. You can sign into the account and if you get stuck somewhere then you can contact

Can the product key be changed? 

It is possible to change the product key as per your Microsoft office’s subscription. You can also switch the office license if you purchase a different version of Office. Let’s say that you have Office business and want to get a subscription of Microsoft 365. In this case, you can switch the existing install from Office Home to the one that you want.</p

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