Microsoft Office For Free: Easy Installation Guide

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One of the leading platforms Microsoft Office leads us towards productivity by unleashing our ideas. It changes our way of working on our personal computers. Either it is about managing the email, analysis of spreadsheets, or other computer-based tasks; just visit the and get your free trial.  MS Office is just not one single software, it is the family of software and other services. Also, it is not dedicated to solve one single problem, but to solve multiple problems in businesses.

Let Us Help You Understand “How?”

Office 365 is not developed particularly for developers, but also for power users. Moreover, you can say non-techie can also use MS 365 without a hassle. The software that comes under Office 365 serves a specific purpose and users with specific services. In short,  you create documents using MS-Word. Also, the user can create presentations using MS-PowerPoint and Outlook to manage email and calendar.

Moreover, Office 365 not only gives a comfortable framework that comes with the latest features, but you can also enjoy “Office 365 at zero cost”.

Download The Office For Free: Here Are The Steps To Follow 

Microsoft offers Office for free to anyone who can access it directly from – If you are a part of the schools, you can type your email address on and check if the office version is available for free. Microsoft has introduced the “Office 365 Education program” for all the students. However, your school must be signed into it to use the services.  There are many benefits of office: including the access to office applications ( Like Excel and Word). Also, the other applications like MS Access, Publisher, and Teams).

If you are graduated, you may not be able to get the app for free. Although, you can get the app by paying fewer charges. With an alumni discount,  you can get the app “Microsoft  365 Personal” for just paying $1/month for one year. It is a great option for those who are about to enter the professional environment.

 Try A Free 30-Day Trial Of Microsoft 365

Free trials are amazing, and Microsoft does not compromise to boost up the user-engagement with free trials.  If you want to try a Microsoft Office free trial for a month. Yes! Microsoft 365 offers a 30-day free trial. For this, all you need to visit the and sign in for the free day trial.  The trial plan lets up to 6 users access the MS office across their Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS devices. Also, you will get 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage for every user, so every user can explore its features.  Moreover, the free trial includes the latest version of Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and other applications.

First,  you can get free subscriptions just for a month. After that, you can just go for the paid version to use the software for the long term. However, before you download it,  you require the financial account information to get the subscription. Later, every month your account will be charged for subscription cost automatically. But, the best part is, you can always try the free-trial option and see if Office 365 is worthy for you to make a purchase. Also, you can cancel it anytime you want later.

Let’s Explore Some Of The Benefits Of Microsoft Office

  • Perform Multiple Tasks In Real-Time

There are a plethora of benefits of using the MS Office. It has the ability to share the links with your co-workers or collaborators in real-time just like the G Suite. If you are looking for the basic versions of this app, then the free version will work well for you. Just make sure that you have an active internet connection for using this software version. If you start with a word document at for the trial version. You will just get the basic version. To access the full-power version, you need to pay using this software.

  • Cross-Device Compatibility 

During the collaboration, it is necessary to have strong cross-device support. Microsoft gives its best to make sure that the user has smooth transitions across cross-platform and easy app integration. Thus, it doesn’t matter which app or platform you are using, you can be assured that everyone is on the same page. This makes sure that you can integrate the Microsoft office program with multiple businesses. The new feature helps the users to improve their productivity and real-time collaboration. You will also get access to many videos that will help you to know about the new feature.

  • Outlook Groups 

Outlook comes with the new features known as Group. This feature offers an efficient and quick way of working together as a team despite the pre-created distribution list.  You can create groups of your friends or co-partner, and share the resources. Besides, you can incredibly handle Task Management and File Sharing using this software.

  • Smart Lookup 

The software comes with a “Smart Lookup” feature that allows the users to use the software while using the MS Word Documents. It will save the user’s time by opening the dictionary or web page, and the users can write. For accessing the feature, to need to highlight the word, and choose the “Smart Lookup” option.

  • Skype Integration 

Users can now integrate Skype with Excel and Word, Thus,  the team members can work together with the shared documents. Now, you can text call, or even share the screen right using the Excel sheet and Word documents. This capability allows the team members to have effective communication without leaving their work, especially during the pandemic. Moreover, every time users share any documents, save spreadsheets, or plan a meeting, they lose valuable time,  with Skype integration, multiple people can work together with the right integration.

  • One-Click Forecasting 

Data is a crucial element, with the One-Click Forecasting feature, a user can make sure that all their data is being used properly. Using this feature, the users can have a quick prediction based upon the chosen spreadsheet portion. The algorithm offers the explicit short-term forecast depending upon the collective data present in the spreadsheet.

  • New Charts In Microsoft 

The MS Office comes with six new chart types: Waterfall, Treemap, Pareto, Waterfall, Box and Whisker, Histogram, and Sunburst. Every chart comes with new possibilities and a layout.  MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel; all these are compatible with the new charts in MS Outlook.

  • Simple Sharing 

Sharing documents became easy with The Office comes with all-new features that offer document sharing just with a tap on the button. This button is present in the ribbon in MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word files.  Now your team members cannot only share the spreadsheets, documents, and presentations quickly but,  will also let them access the permissions and make modifications. It is necessary to remember that co-authored files should be shared using OneDrive or SharePoint.

To Sum Up

Microsoft Office comes with fascinating features and if you want to access those features, you can visit the page and get the app. A user can sign in for the trial version and access the services for free. However, the user will be accessing the limited feature access, and to access all the features, the user needs to sign in for the subscription. The post guidelines will easily let you do that. But, if you are unable to do it on your own, seek expert advice without hesitation. The experts are available round the clock to help, so get in touch with them anytime you want and avail the immediate assistance.

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